30 inch wide rollaway beds offer a compact temporary sleep solution for hotels, motels, hospitals, and residential customers 39 inch wide rollaway beds offer a comfortable and versatile sleep solution and the widest selection of mattresses to meet any need 48 inch wide rollaway beds provide a large sleeping surface for any environment, while still being small enough to store in a closet when you don't need them. Heavy Duty Bariatric rollaway beds with up to a 400 pound capacity, for when you need a temporary, but durable, sleep solution. Ltd Lifetime Warranty Information for Hospitality Bed Brand Rollaway Beds
The Strongest Deluxe, Heavy Duty Angle Steel, Guest Rollaway Bed with coil spring center support. All-Steel Rollaway Beds combined with wetBAN Fluid-Proof Institutional Mattress ticking are ideal for use in public facilities to meet disinfection and cleaning standards. wetBAN mattresses are fluid proof, bacteria resistant, stain resistant, non-allergenic, and flame retardant.
wetBan Waterproof Bacteria Resistant Mattresses Bedding, Mattress Protectors, Blankets, Pillows, Sheets, and more for Rollaway Beds Replacement mattress for hotels, motels, and contract environments using Rollaway Beds. Save money by replacing an old, worn mattress with a new wetBAN mattress.
Rollaway-Bed.com is your temporary bedding headquarters, featuring not only a large selection of commercial grade rollaway bed sizes and mattress options, but also sheets, pillows, blankets, and mattress protectors – all designed especially for rollaway beds. We also offer vinyl or fabric protective dust covers that will neatly fit over your stored folded-up rollaway bed.

You have come to the right place for the purchase of a new rollaway bed. Whether you are a residential customer needing 1 or 2 rollaways, or a hospital, sleep lab, hotel, motel, or shelter needing hundreds – Rollaway-Bed.com can supply your needs. We are experienced in supplying the quantity needs of institutions needing large numbers of rollaways quickly, but we also strive to provide excellent customer service on every order, no matter the quantity.

Rollaway-Bed.com is renowned providing commercial quality rollaway beds. Please do not confuse these beds with the cheap aluminum cot on which your visiting uncle is afraid to sleep. Our beds are the real McCoy, featuring a double braced angle steel frame for extra rigidity. All our beds are American made and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

They have a Coil Spring Center Support for comfort and a Steel Link Mattress Support deck for durability. They are easily opened and closed and feature Automatic Leg Opening for ease of use. Their wheels are large, 8” in diameter, and they are mounted on a fixed axle for easy mobility on any surface. You will not have to struggle to set our beds up nor to return them to storage once your guests leave.

All of our standard rollaway beds feature a rated weight capacity of 280 pounds, making them ideal for most applications. For people who require a more heavy duty sleep solution, we also offer a Bariatric model which has a 400-pound weight capacity. Our beds are built to last and serve well even under the most stringent operating conditions.

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